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I am -- and I don't think anyone will find this to be surprising -- an unrepentant music geek. Not much of a revelation, what with having made a career off and on for years out of writing about bands. (For example, this week I wrote about local heavy metal stalwarts  Another Soldier Down, and last week about excellent local indie rockers, theWANDAS.)

I'm always terribly excited to hear something new. For example, when Stephen Colbert had on the Swedish swing/hip-hop band Movitz!, I had to go track them down. I still get excited about new music, still feel that sense of discovery when I come across something new that I love. And really, it doesn't have to be obscure. I fall in love with commercial artists all the time. Who pays for the album has nothing to do with the quality of the music.

Lately, as the poor souls who follow me on Twitter have learned, I've become completely enamored of my Blip.FM account, and for about an hour at a time, once or twice a day, I have these small eruptions of music. Tonight I played Movitz!, Diana Krall, The Dresen Dolls, Jeffrey Foucalt, Gogol Bordello, The Afghan Whigs, Lily Allen, the Asylum Street Spankers, Eliott Smith and John Lennon. Earlier in the day, I played Bad Religion, The Clash, The Jam and a couple Elvis Costello songs. Even that doesn't seem to really encapsulate the entirety of my taste, just my moods.

It's an odd thing, loving music. Going back to Stephen Colbert, I found it remarkable that he booked Movitz! simply because he heard them on the Internet, and decided he had to have them on his show. That's a far cry from the usual TV  modus operandi, which is to book musicians that the record companies are pushing. A band got a spot on a decently-watched (and for their demographic, amazingly well-watched) TV show, simply because someone heard them and loved them. That's how I try to decide which bands to write about: I listen to their tracks online, and write about the ones I like. No promoters breathing down my neck (well, not often), no labels in the mix. Just me telling people which bands I liked the sound of. In a lot of ways, it's kind of old-fashioned.

And that's really the point, isn't it? You can put a review on the Web or in a newspaper, but at the end of the day, there's still gotta be a guy willing to listen to just about everything, and then report back what he liked, so the reader doesn't have to. Again, it all seems retro. And I kind of like it that way.

ETA: On my good days, I aspire to be Esther Wong, although MySpace has robbed me of the visceral pleasure of tossing a lousy demo tape out of a moving car onto the 405 Freeway. IJS.

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Once again, it's time to update everybody as to my stalking grounds on the Internet, so as people can friend me appropriately or, failing that, avoid certain sites with impunity.

*Basic sites: VictorInfante.com remains the central Web portal into my writing career, although links to my OC Weekly stories keep changing as they keep finding new ways to archive things. I'm the editor in chief of The November 3rd Club and write a column for GotPoetry, which is syndicated here to LJ by friending [livejournal.com profile] writefailure.

*My Livejournal blog remains my main point of contact with the outside world for promoting my writing, projects, etc. Along with ranting about The Man and talking about comic books.

*Out of the "connectivity" sites I keep accounts at, MySpace remains the most interesting, both because of the plethora of indie music available there, and the growing number of poets who are putting up MP3s of their work. I'm yet to be one of them, but things can change.

*I rarely every look at my Friendster page anymore, all though it's gained a few more interesting features. Tribe is somewhat more interesting to me again, as I theoretically moderate its Worcester community. But it's still pretty dang quiet.

*I've given in and gotten an account at ComicSpace, which does very little right now, but hey! Maybe it'll prompt me to try my hand at writing comics again. Which could be fun. If anyone with an eye for art and breakdowns wants to try something out in the new year, drop me a line.


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