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I find, as I think about my relationships with people, that while I have several close friends, I don't always look to them for the same things. Some people I turn to for emotional support, others I turn to when I need a beer and a game of pool. Some are a mix.

The person I've always turned to first for professional advice has always been Barbara DeMarco-Barrett. Barbara is an amazing writer and -- considering that we're almost complete opposites on how we go about the act of writing, how we work and the subjects we like to tackle -- one of very few people I'll work with on any project, anywhere (as illustrated by the fact that she was able to talk me into writing for a glossy hotel magazine for a stint. Although that turned out to be more fun than I thought it would.)

She was the first person I called when I finished the first draft of "Nihilist Chic." We've always been on the same wavelength, and I trust her advice implicitly.

So, how funny is it that, as I've finished draft number three and am getting ducks in a row to send the damn thing out, she goes and has an article In Writer's Digest on publishing and patience?

She is a sage woman. I heed her advice like I do few others. So should you:
Waiting to Excel: It takes a lot more than writing your heart on the page to sell a book. Here are three lessons in perseverance one writer learned the hard way.


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